Every day, TOP ONE SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. employees are preventing losses and averting tragedies by demonstrating our core company values of vigilance, integrity and helpfulness. TOP ONE employees belong to an elite corps of security professionals dedicated to providing superior management service. Relying on technology, proven security methods, teamwork and our Service Heroes philosophy, our People Make the Difference at TOP ONE SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd..

Our Service Heroes provide outstanding client service by Having Everyone Receive and Offer Excellent Service. We support our Service Heroes through ongoing training and preparation for additional responsibilities. 'The TOP ONE SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. Difference' encompasses the many reasons why our customers and employees choose TOP ONE SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. and is a guarantee of the highest levels of professionalism and customer care. TOP ONE offers superior career opportunities. If you like making a difference in people’s lives, consider joining our team. Let us help you achieve your career goals.


More and more customers are looking for greater value from their spend on business services. They identify a need for a solutions-based approach that looks at the nature and detail of work processes and the skills and priorities of the people involved in the delivery of these services. Opportunities for the use of technology are central to streamlining processes to achieve greater effectiveness and economy.


Working seamlessly as part of each customer's organization, we strive to add maximum value to our products and services through well developed specialists, imaginative use of technology, a readily available national management team and long term partnerships.


The highest standards of customer care go hand in hand with employee recognition, skills and training. The processes that produce high quality work are important, but more important still, is the willingness of our people to take no detail for granted.


Rapid up-gradation, best practice and the reliable delivery of high quality services are at the heart of our business philosophy. For more than ten years our total quality management programmed has been steadily evolving, giving us the methods and techniques to actively encourage and develop new ideas.


People Make the Difference” at TOP ONE SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd., where employment opportunities are as unique and diverse as our 10-plus office locations throughout the East India. In our quest to hire the best, we seek candidates from multiple and diverse resources through college recruiting programs, media advertising, postings with government agencies, job fairs, outreach letters to community, as well as employee and client referrals.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our business and we are entirely committed to improving the knowledge, skills and recognition of all of our people.

Working in partnership with our customers, innovative management practices are employed to promote employee involvement, skills enhancement and exceptional work performance. Reward and recognition are engrained in our culture and our employees have the opportunity to benefit from a range of award schemes. The number of commendation letters we receive from our customers each year is also testament to the high levels of customer care and dedication demonstrated every day by our people.

TOP ONE maintains a policy of above average wages, benefits and training and we pride ourselves on recruiting and retaining personnel of the highest caliber. Employee care is fundamental to our philosophy. We firmly believe in promotion from within and offer exceptional opportunities for career progression

The TOP ONE SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. owes its success to the outstanding dedication, teamwork and skills of its people. We pride ourselves on recruiting, training and retaining the highest caliber personnel and offer all the benefits associated with a major blue-chip employer. We firmly believe in promoting from within and offer exceptional opportunities for career development across all areas of our business.

We place the greatest value on partnership with our customers and on innovative management practices which promote employee involvement, skills enhancement and exceptional work performance.


In order to provide quality service, we give priority on depth and active on-the-ground supervision. In this regard, a strong operations team comprising of managers, inspectors, and patrol supervisors, who are equipped with Mobile Phones, carry out checks on all our assignments and guards on a 24x7 basis.


Before TOP ONE takes up any assignment, a team of operations staff visits the site to analyze and understand the security needs of client’s premises. Based on the survey report a security setup for the premises is designed. A detailed set of instructions including charter of duties for security personnel; client’s expectations from security staff, emergency procedures and other relevant details are documented. This set of Post & Site Instructions is prepared in consultation with client.