Before deployment, it is mandatory for all TOP ONE SECURITY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. employees to undertake a 15 day’s basic Security and Facility training course which imparts the necessary skills to perform duties.

In addition to lessons on basic guarding skills they are taught the rudiments of First Aid, fire fighting and Self Defense. The training process is ongoing and progressive throughout the employees’ career to refresh and further develop their knowledge

Training is imparted on job sites (customer premises) in our various branch offices, Regional Training Centers, as well as within the premises of a highly functional and well equipped Central Training School presently located at Kolkata.

The Training school provides training programs all the year round. Continuing education and skill up gradation is ensured through a well structured four tier program covering Basic, Comprehensive Supervisory Management, Assignment Supervision and Control and Security Management for different levels of security personnel i.e. guarding personnel, supervisory and middle management staff as well as the senior management cadre.

Our training courses are designed after having in-depth discussions with the client and assessing the training needs of the staff. The aim of these courses is to enhance the security skills of the security personnel and develop management skills in the supervisory and management staff.


A broad outline of the various courses conducted for the Facility Staff are set out below. These courses are conducted by way of classroom lectures using audio visual aid, role-play exercises and on the site practical training.

Basic courses

• Principles of Security
• Guarding Skills
• Gate House Duties
• Search Procedures
• Patrolling the Premises
• Fire Prevention and Control
• First Aid and Rescue operations
• Traffic Control and Parking
• Customer Relations
• Emergency Procedures
• Security Systems
• Telephone and Wireless Operating Procedures
• Report Writing
• Self Defense

Refresher Course

• Code of Conduct
• Report Writing
• Handling Emergencies
• Legal Aspects of Guarding
• Handling Electronic Security Systems
• Fire Prevention and Control
• First Aid

Unarmed Combat

• Hold Techniques
• Blocking and Locking Techniques
• Choking Techniques
• Defense against Knife Attacks
• Defense against Baton

First Aid

• Principles of First Aid
• Diagnosis
• Ailments, Suffocation’s, Wounds & Bleeding, Shocks, Burns and Scalds, Electrical Injuries

Electronic Security Control System

• Security Design
• Type of Systems
• Access Control
• Intrusion Control
• Electronic Locks
• Fire / Smoke Detectors

Apart from our main focus on Security Training we also organize different training programmed with highly qualified experiences and efficient faculty members in different areas.